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Precautions for shower maintenance
Addtime: 2021-05-19

Showering is a way of decompression. With the improvement of shower technology, showering has become a kind of enjoyment that people crave. So, what are the precautions for shower maintenance? Let's take a look.

1. Please pay attention to the safety of yourself and the product when disassembling and assembling the shower.

2. The filter gasket cannot be used with too large or too fine mesh. If it is too large, it may not be able to filter impurities. If it is too fine, it may affect the flow of water. The size of the filter should be 40-60 mesh.

3. Do not use strong acid when removing water scale to avoid corrosion on the shower surface.

4. Do not forcibly disassemble the shower head for maintenance. Improper disassembly will damage the appearance and internal structure of the product.

5. The ambient temperature of the shower head should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. High temperature and ultraviolet light will greatly accelerate the aging of the shower head and shorten the service life of the shower head. Therefore, the installation of the shower head should be as far away as possible from the heater and other electrical heat sources. The shower can not be installed directly under the Yuba, and the distance should be above 60cm.


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