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What are the tips for buying shower heads?
Addtime: 2022-02-19

Most families use shower+head" target="_blank">shower heads. What are the tips for buying shower+head" target="_blank">shower heads? Next, let's learn about the shower+head" target="_blank">shower head  Rain-shower manufacturer.

1. Self-cleaning strength

The frequency of use of the shower is very high, and the water outlet of the shower is easy to be deposited by scale. If it is not cleaned in time, the nozzle hole will also be blocked. Therefore, when purchasing a shower, the first thing to look at is whether the shower has self-cleaning ability. With this function, the use of the shower can be guaranteed.

2. Safety and environmental protection

It is precisely because the shower+head" target="_blank">shower head is often used, so we must choose safe and environmentally friendly materials, and choose all copper and stainless steel for the shower+head" target="_blank">shower head, which is guaranteed in terms of environmental protection. Do not buy plastic material, this material not only has a short life, but also contains harmful metals.

3. Function

Nowadays, showers have more and more functions, and the enjoyment of people is different. The main functions are: rain shower, massage type, constant temperature shower, etc. The thermostatic valve can be made of all-copper material, which not only has a longer service life, but also is safer. It is suitable for bathing for the elderly and children to prevent burns.

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