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Do supercharged showers really work?

Is your home on a high floor? Is your home an old neighborhood? Do you feel that the water is dribbling when you take a shower, which is not fun enough? This is a relatively common occurrence due to low water pressure in the home. In particular, some residents above the 5th floor of the old community have insufficient water pressure at home, and the water flow out is small, which affects washing vegetables and bathing.

Some people encounter this situation and choose to install a booster pump. However, the installation of the booster pump is too troublesome, and the booster shower is actually a simple and convenient choice.

1. Principle of supercharged shower

The principle of the pressurized shower head is to install an energy-saving pressurized water inlet device at the rear of the shower head and communicate with the venturi hole of the shower handle. When the water flow enters the shower head, the outside air pressure forces the water flow to speed up the water flow, thereby increasing the water flow by about 30%. The speed of the water outlet has the effect of automatic pressurization.

Simply put, a pressurized shower is to promote the mixing of air and water flow, increase the internal pressure of the water flow, and form a high-speed water flow.

In the structural design of the shower head, by reducing the aperture and increasing the number of holes, under the same conditions, the water column emitted by the booster shower head is small and dense, and the water flow on the body is also very soft.

In addition to changing the aperture, the interior of the shower will also do some optimized designs, and each brand has its own unique design.

The principle of supercharged shower

2. Advantages of supercharged showers

When choosing a supercharged shower, in addition to the main supercharging effect, many people also take a fancy to its water-saving advantage.

The reason why the supercharged shower can save water is that compared with the ordinary shower, the water flow is larger, but the amount of water used is less than that of the ordinary shower, and the water flow will be smoother.

Unlike ordinary showers, if the water pressure is unstable, the amount of water sprayed will fluctuate. However, the pressurized shower can avoid this defect, and the amount of water sprayed is continuous and stable, ensuring that the water amount is balanced and smoother.

The pressurized water flow can also play a very good massage effect, the water is fine, refreshing and comfortable, which helps to eliminate fatigue. Makes bathing more arbitrary.

3. How to choose a supercharged shower

How to choose a good pressurized shower, the key is to look at the quality of the valve core of the shower.

It is best to choose a ceramic valve core, which has high hardness, long service life, good quality, and is not easy to leak, and it is not easy to cause blockage problems.

Ruilin series showers make targeted solutions for insufficient water pressure and weak water flow.

A variety of water outlet modes, strong impact, each time out of the water, there is a feeling of water flowing like a column, bringing an unprecedented surging water experience. Let you indulge in a pleasant shower.

The scientific ratio of water and oxygen is mixed, the natural rain effect, and the large-diameter top-spray shower can cover the body more widely.

The brand-new supercharged shower experience allows the tense nerves to get a deep way, release the pressure of the day, and find the inner quiet space in the exclusive shower time.

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